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A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is often a mandatory component of the exhaust and emissions system installed in modern cars running on diesel engines. As suggested by the name, the DPF’s purpose is to filter or block the amount of carbon and other particulate matter, generated as a result of the engine burning diesel.

Diesel engines are often said to be one of the major contributors of air pollution and atmospheric poisoning. Exhaust gases produced by combustion taking place inside a diesel engine contain harmful gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrocarbons (HC).

The DPF acts like a sieve in which the most harmful and the majority of microscopic pollutants like particulate matter and soot are trapped and much less harmful fumes make it out into the environment. Once enough of these filtered pollutants have been collected in the DPF, the vehicle’s engine control unit automatically burns them off inside the filter by raising exhaust temperatures. The ECU sends a signal and a warning light appears on the instrumental cluster suggesting the vehicle be driven continuously for some time. It is this continuous driving that raises the temperature inside the exhaust chamber and burns off the collected particles. This process is commonly known as regeneration.

DPF Removal Services



DPF Issues

DPF is an important element in the vehicle industry’s efforts to reduce emissions and control exhaust gases that harm the environment. But despite its many benefits, DPF’s have their own set of issues and are bound fail and cause inconvenience to vehicle owners from time to time.

Some of the issues are discussed below:

Sensor failures: 

A faulty senor is the most common issue associated with DPFs. A faulty sensor would fail to alert the ECU about the excessive buildup of particles in the filter system. This would eventually affect the exhaust system and reduce vehicle’s performance.

EGR Valve

An Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is a device that recirculates exhaust gases into the engine to reduce emissions. EGR valves often cause problems for engine performance by developing an issue called ‘sticking’ caused by excessive build-up of deposits.

Faulty fuel injectors 

A fault in fuel injectors could also be the reason for your DPF failing. A malfunctioning injector would send more diesel to the combustion chamber and cause an inefficient burning of fuel, thus sending more polluting particles to the DPF and blocking it more quickly and reducing its life.

Oil leaks 

A weak engine could be sending some oil into the cylinders that may make its way to the car’s exhaust. This speeds up the buildup in the DPF and reduces its efficiency.

Professional DPF Removal Services

If you are having problems with your DPF it is best to consult an expert in the field who not only has the skills but the right equipment too to service your car properly. Removing or making alterations with a DPF is illegal in most countries, so don’t just plan to use a little elbow grease and an angle grinder to cut the system out of the exhaust lines. The DPF is a highly sensitive component that requires careful handling and is connected to the car’s electronic brain, which is the ECU. Its unprofessional removal will only cause more problems for the engine and likely cause it to fail.

Also, most DPF removal services provided for vehicles by seasoned professionals like STX Tuning will cover vehicles that are to be used for off-road services. No professional and law-abiding business would suggest the removal of DPF for on-road vehicles. In case a novice does perform the job, you vehicle will surely fail the requisite inspections as well as the emissions test mandated by most countries across the world.

What professionals like STX Tuning will help you do is get rid of the problems that are associated with your vehicle’s DPF, so that your vehicle performs at its most efficient state and you do drive stress free within the ambit of law.

STX Tuning will help you with regular maintenance and servicing of the DPF and provide you with the best possible solution that saves you money and trouble, all while helping to lessen your footprint on the environment.

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