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Diesel engines are said to be one of the major contributors of air pollution. Exhaust gases produced as a result of burning diesel fuel contain harmful gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrocarbons (HC).

Environmentalists have for years called for a complete banning of diesel. However, diesel engine contributes majorly to the world’s leading industries, including agriculture, transportation, and heavy industries. This is the reason that diesel continues to power both small and large machines even to this day.

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Why diesel?

Diesel engines have gained immense popularity due to a variety of reasons. The primary benefit of diesel engines is their fuel efficiency. As they are based on compression ignition systems instead of spark ignition that power petrol engines, a diesel engine can extract greater power from each drop of fuel. In the same vein, diesel engines are also very robust and take much more abuse than petrol engines. These high-compression engines can withstand high temperatures and pressures, otherwise impossible to sustain by a petrol-powered engine.

Diesel engines are also specialized in offering a greater torque band and raw power. Petrol engines are great for speed, but it is the diesel engine that can be asked with hauling tonnes of weight across continents without breaking a sweat.

Power and torque: Diesel engines produce more torque than gasoline engines, which makes them ideal for applications that require heavy hauling or towing. Diesel engines can deliver more power and torque at lower RPMs, which means they can provide better acceleration and pulling power.

AdBlue for emissions

But despite these benefits, diesel fuel has been castigated as the definitive source of air pollution leading to several solutions promising emissions control. One of them is AdBlue.

AdBlue is an aqueous urea solution evolved to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines. It is a form of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consisting of 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water. DEF is used in a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to lower the concentration of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases. AdBlue is contained in a separate tank from where it is injected into the exhaust pipeline. The reaction turns the gasses into ammonia, which is further broken down into water and nitrogen, both of which are harmless for the environment.

Despite the theoretical benefits, many owners have been unhappy with its performance. Probably the main reason owners have removed or want to remove AdBlue is the fee. It is a recurring cost that accumulates over time, especially for frequently used automobiles. Moreover, AdBlue solution frequently needs refiling, something that many owners find irritating. But most importantly. AdBlue can fail without warning and cause extensive damage to your vehicle’s engine.

If you, too, are having trouble with AdBlue and want to get it removed, we suggest you seek professional help. This is so because AdBlue removal has great potential for damaging your vehicle’s engine and causing you great monetary setback.

Safely Remove AdBlue

AdBlue removal will not only save you loads of money and time on fuel costs, it can also improve your vehicle’s performance in the form of increased power output. While you might be inclined to hop into the next mechanic’s garage you can find to get the AdBlue removed from your vehicle, be advised to curb your enthusiasm, for it is a highly technical matter best suited for professionals who have the expertise to go about the task.

Having an unprofessional hand take a swipe at the job is akin to inviting lasting damage, for AdBlue removal is far more complex than removing a wire connecting your engine with the AdBlue mechanism.

Professional AdBlue removal professionals will utilize software updates and ECU remapping to bypass the AdBlue system and allow your car to function free of errors.

However, you must check with local authorities and laws regarding the status of AdBlue in diesel vehicles. In many countries, AdBlue from a diesel vehicle is illegal, so do check what your local laws direct in this regard.

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