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Being a professional upholstery cleaner takes a really long time. Yes, anybody can wet your sofa with the wrong pressure and cause it to wear out much faster, but knowing the right steam pressure used on the corresponding fabric is highly recommended. In addition, having the experience and knowledge of removing deep stains, spills and pet stains, is also important. Actually, by using the wrong methods to remove the tough stain could actually make the stain more resistant. For these reasons, using a professional upholstery cleaning service is important. When you call our upholstery cleaning service you are getting over 10 years of experience with countless of sofas and couches cleaned. In addition, our equipment is specifically matched for the right job, so you get a better and safer upholstery cleaning service.

Pet Stain Removal Upholstery Cleaning.

Here we are sharing a secret with you now. Pet stain removal upholstery cleaning is the top two reasons for upholstery cleaning services we are called for. In most homes we find pets nowadays. Whether you have a dog or a cat, your sofa will eventually become their relaxing spot. Therefore, over time your sofa will smell like a dog or have layers of cat fur. In addition, in many homes the dog or the cat will also have accidents on the sofa. It could be throw up, urine and even diarrhea. Therefore, in order to properly remove the pet stain and extract it, special pet stain removers and upholstery tools are necessary for the job. In addition, it is important to also disinfect the area. Some upholstery cleaners are only trying to use shampoo and deodorizer to fight the pet stain, however, it is not the right way. We are using special upholstery cleaning products to dissolve the pet stain and disinfect the area so there will be no odor causing molecules on the sofa.

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